Visual Analytics Platform

Visual Analytics Platform


Traffic simulation integrated in an urban 3D model of downtown Bogotá.

The urban planning process for fast growing cities like Asian and Latin American cities poses huge challenges. One of the most important challenge is the interaction of many stakeholders who have their own tasks, tools, and data. This project presents a data conversion process and a data model for creating interactive visualizations that support the stakeholders to solve their tasks. Aditionally an application was implemented to support the urban planning process for urban systems. A case study was developed, the application offers combined scenarios to analyze traffic flow and land use in downtown Bogotá by using interactive visualizations and using as data source geographic information systems.



Triana, Jhon Alejandro; Zeckzer, Dirk; Hernandez, Jose Tiberio, “A novel data model to empower a visual analytics platform for urban systems,” Computing Colombian Conference (8CCC), 2013 8th , vol., no., pp.1,6, 21-23 Aug. 2013.
Triana J, Hernandez J, Ordoñez S. (2012) Metodología para la generación automática de modelos de grandes espacios urbanos desde información SIG. Revista de Ingeniería (ISSN 0121-4993) 36(36), pp. 20-24.

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