Le Corbusier en Bogotá

Le Corbusier en Bogotá

Visualizations of the current status of the city (Up) and the proposal of Le Corbusier (Bottom).

“Le Corbusier en Bogotá: 1947-1951” was a public exhibition that was held in “Museo del arte del banco de la República” in Bogota, Colombia from April 21th to June 29th 2009. This exhibition celebrates the work of this French architect in planning the urban area of the city of Bogotá. The exhibitions was an cooperative work between several Colombian universities, lead by Universidad de los Andes.

In order at complementing and enhancing this exhibition, A VR installation was developed. The VR installation allows visitors to compare Le Corburier’s plan for Bogota with the current layout of the city, as a way to show his ideas and concepts. The VR installation was suited by a passive stereo visualization, as well as a driving wheel to implement a “Fly Over” metaphor. Additionally the VR Installation was supported by an interactive application that allows to the users to explore the city and changes between two different views: the proposal of Le Corbusier and the current status of the city.

For additional information, videos, and details you can visit: http://www.lecorbusierenbogota.com/

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